Charles square

27. července 2017

Charles Square is a public space of city-wide importance and one of the pivotal sites in the Prague Heritage Reservation. However, it needs a complete reconstruction. Therefore, the city of Prague has decided to announce so called procedure with competititon dialogue. It is a creative process that involves all the stakeholders in the development of the prosposal from the very beginning. The author of the winning design is German landscape studio Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten with Czech architectural firm BY Architects and Czech transportation engineers PD Filip.

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Current situation

  • The winning design was approved by the Prague City Hall on 13th November 2018. The author of the design is German landscape studio Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten, Czech architectural firm BY Architects and Czech transportation engineers PD Filip.
  • In June, the teams presented their proposals on Workshop III. They received feedback from the jury and experts. Now they have time until August to finalize their proposals. 
  • The teams travelled to Prague on 5th April (Workshop II.) to present their concepts. The jury gave them detailed feedback, which should be incorporated in the proposals. 
  • The teams were introduced (among other themes) to the complex problems of the square and its history. After two days of intensive information exchange the teams had 2 months to create a concept of how the square should change
  • At the beginning of February 2018 the chosem teadm attended the Workhop I. 

Results of the competition dialogue

1st place – selected contractor for the project documentation:

Rehwaldt landscape architects, BY Architects + PD FILIP – a German landscape studio that will form a trio with two Czech architectural firms.


Plan view

Jury evaluation

2nd place:

Agence Ter, Break Point, HBH projekt, Phytorestore a Concepto – a French landscape studio working with a Czech firm


Plan view

Jury evaluation


3rd place:

Buro Sant en Co V.O.F., M1 architekti s.r.o. and Atelier PROMIKA s.r.o. – a Dutch landscape studio working with a Czech architectural firm and transport engineering company


Plan view

Jury evaluation 


4th place:

GustafsonPorter + Bowman LLP – British landscape studio working with Czech landscape studio šmídová landscape architects


Plan view

Jury evaluation

5th place:

New visit s.r.o. – a Czech company from Hradec Králové that specializes in landscape architecture, gardens and parks


Plan view

Jury evaluation

The chosen teams 

Agence Ter - French landscape studio in cooperation with Break Point, HBH project, Phytorestore and Concepto

Atelier M1 architekti s.r.o. in cooperation with Sant en Co V.O.F. and Atelier PROMIKA s.r.o. - Czech architectural studios in cooperation with Dutch landscape studio


GustafsonPorter + Bowman LLP - British landspace studio

New visit s.r.o. - Czech firm from Hradec Králové, which specializes on landscape architecture, gardens and parks

Rehwaldt landspace architects in cooperation with BY Architects + PD FILIP - German landscape studio creates a trio with two Czech architectural studios

The anticipated timeframe

The anticipated length of the proceedings, including the competitive dialogue from its commencement until completion is 9 months, respective 11 months until the most advantageous bid is selected.


Commencement of the tendering procedure                                                                     9. 8. 2017

Submission of applications to participate                                                                         18. 10. 2017 

Submission of the Professional approach to the solution                                              30. 11. 2017

Selection of 5 teams                                                                                                              13. 12. 2017

Approval of the Prague City Council                                                                                  December 2017

Workshop I.                                                                                                                            8. 2. - 9. 2. 2018

Production of Concepts for solution                                                                                  March 2018

Workshop II.                                                                                                                           5. 4. 2018

Production of proposals                                                                                                       April 2018

Submission of proposals                                                                                                     11. 6. 2018 

Evaluation in committee                                                                                                      June 2018

Workshop III.                                                                                                                         21. 6. - 22. 6.

Approval of the Prague City Council                                                                                   July 2018

Invitation to submit bids                                                                                                      August 2018

The final selection of the planner                                                                                       13. 9. 2018

Approval of the Prague City Council                                                                                    September 2018

Exhibition                                                                                                                                October 2018

Evaluation committee

Ordinary members - dependent:

Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor

Václav Vondrášek, Vice-Mayor for Prague 2                                                                              

Pavla Melková, director of the Section of the city detail, IPR Pague                  

Karel Prajer, Director of the Strategic Investment Department


Ordinary members - independent

Almut Jirku, landscape architect, Senat Berlin, BDLA member

Cornelius Scherzer, landscape architect, Technical university of Dresden

Ladislav Lábus, dean of the Faculty of architecture CTU Prague

Michal Fišer, architect, Třiarchitekti

Petr Hlaváček, historian, philosopher, Collegium Europaeum


Substitutes - dependent:

Jana Plamínková, councilor of Prague

Sylvie Hájková, Prague 2 Development Office

Štěpán Špoula, landscape architect, IPR Prague

Petr Hankovec, Strategic Investment Department


Substitutes - independent:

Suzanne Spurná, landscape architect

Štěpán Valouch, architect, Opočenský-Valouch architekti

Antonín Novák, architect, DRNH

Materials to download


Photo gallery


Information on the Contracting Authority + Contact

Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague), a public-benefit organization

Represented by: Mgr. Ondřej Boháč, Director

Offices: Vyšehradská 57/2077, 128 00 Praha 2

Registered in: Commercial Registry maintained by the City Court in Prague, Section Pr, file 63

ID: 70883858

Tax ID: CZ70883858

Contracting Authority profile:


The Capital City of Prague

Represented by: Ing. Karel Prajer, Director of the Strategic Investment Department

Offices: Mariánské náměstí 2/2, 110 01 Praha 1

ID: 00064581

Tax ID: CZ00064581



Contact person: Mgr. Martina Hájková

tel: 236004538, e-mail:




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