Digital Map of Prague

Basic information

The Digital Map of Prague (DMP) is a basic planimetric map work describing the territory of the city of Prague, which continues on from the Unified Digital Map of Prague and the Digital Reference Map of Prague, produced up to 2007. DMP has been created using a new technology for the administration and updating of data based on the use of the Oracle database platform and spatial data administration systems form the ESRI company. The partners providing the Development Authority of the City of Prague with services relating to the administration and updating of the work and the development of the technological environment are the companies NESS Czech, s.r.o. and T-mapy, spol. s r.o. The main requirement for the administration of the DMP is continuity of its content with preceding maps. The main reference materials for updating the map will be as previously the data from Documentation of actual construction of buildings, data from accepted geometric plans provided by the Czech Geodetical and Land Register office (ČUZK), data from transport and technical infrastructure network administrators and data from detailed geodetic surveying commissioned by URM. The data model of the DMP has been created from parts of the Digital Image of the Land Registry Map (DILRM), and the Digital Land Registry Map (DLRM) in the territories where the validity of the DLRM has already been announced (in 30 Land Registry areas at the end of 2007), and also from parts of the Digital Technical Map (DTM), which in addition to detailed planimetry, vertical surveying data and technical infrastructure data, will include an information layer on the Technical usage of the territory. The data model also provides a link between identical points in the DLRM and DTM parts. The administration and data output system facilitates expansion of concurrently provided data outputs to include available information on the territory and metadata.
The creation of the DMP does not diminish the extent of use of the existing Unified Digital Map of Prague, DRM or rules and methods of provision.

Further information on the Digital Map of Prague project is provided by URM - Spatial information department - Digital Map of Prague department, ing. Marta Toušková,

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