New design for Prague´s Public Transit Shelter and Railing

15. února 2018

Prague City Council has tasked the Prague Institute of Planning and Development to prepare a negotiated procedure with publication for New Prague Street Furniture – Design of a Public Transit Shelter and Railing. This plan is part of Prague’s interest in unifying Prague street furniture and creating a special design that reflects the environment of Prague.

Current stage

Participants could submit offers until 25th April. Altogether 20 participants enrolled in the procedure and already received invitation to submit indicative proposals. Now they have time until July to create and submit their proposals. In the first phase, the main emphasis will be on the quality of the concept. The jury will choose 6 participants that will continue into the second phase. In the second phase the design proposals will be developed further with the possibility of consultations with the contracting authority. The announcement of results is planned in December 2018.

Subject of the contract

The subject of the contract is a design proposal for street furniture for Prague, specifically a public transport shelter and railing.

The objective of the contract is to find a refined form for both elements, so that they correspond visually to each other, fulfil all functional requirements and allow design variations that allow them to be tailored to the requirements of each stop and site in the city. The purpose is also for both elements to satisfy modern design, functionality and durability requirements.

Documents and competition brief

All materials regarding the negotiated procedure with publication and the technical specifications can be found here:


The negotiated procedure with publication will allow the contracting authority, the evaluation committee, the invited experts and the parties of the proceeding to communicate directly with each other and to discuss the submitted design proposals. This procedure is necessary to achieve a first-rate solution for the technologically more complicated elements, such as the public transit shelter and railing.

General timing

Notification of commencement of the procedure                                    12. 03. 2018

Submission of applications to take part in the procedure                     18. 04. 2018

Submission of design proposals in Phase 1                                              09. 07. 2018

Presentation of design proposals in in Phase 2 and consultations      September

Submission of design proposals in Phase 2 and presentation of

Design proposals to the committee                                                            October/November

Announcement of results                                                                            December 2018

Composition of Jury

Dependent Committee Members:


JAN RAK, Director of Asset Management Department, Prague City Hall

MAREK KOPEĆ, Head of Projects and Competitions Office, IPR Prague


Independent Committee Members:

CLAUDE BRULHART, Street Furniture and Public Space Designer for the City of Geneva



JERRY KOZA, Architect


Dependent Substitute Committee Members:

STANISLAV LAZAR, Advisor to Councillor Ing. Karel Grabein Procházka

KATEŘINA FREJLACHOVÁ, Architect at the Public Space Office, IPR Prague

KARIN PLINCNEROVÁ, Property Specialist, Department of Capital Management of the City Hall


Independent Substitute Committee Members:

PETR BABÁK, Graphic Designer


JAN PLECHÁČ, Designer/Architect


Invited Experts:

JIŘÍ KOLÍSKO, Ph.D., Direct of the Klokner Institute, Czech Technical University

LUKÁŠ VIKTORA, Protection of Birds in Built-up Areas, Czech Society for Ornithology

ONDŘEJ ŠEFCŮ, Director of the Prague Unit of the National Heritage Institute

VOJTĚCH NOVOTNÝ, Director of the Concept, Project and Project Management Department, ROPID (Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport)

JAN ŠUROVSKÝ, Ph.D., Technical Director of the Prague Public Transit Company

Contracting Authority

Prague Institute of Planning and Development, a public-benefit organisation

Represented by: Mgr. Ondřej Boháč, Director

Registered office: Vyšehradská 57/2077, 128 00 Prague 2

Registered in: Commercial Register maintained by the Prague Municipal Court under Section Pr, Insert 63

ID No.: 70883858

Tax ID No.: CZ70883858

Contracting authority profile:

Data box ID: c2zmahu


Capital City of Prague

Represented by: Ing. Jan Rak, Authorised Director, Property Management Department

Registered office: Mariánské náměstí 2/2, 110 01 Prague 1

ID No.: 00064581

Tax ID No: CZ00064581


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